Friday, Jan 15, 2021, 14:48 Web

Kuo: Major Hardware Changes to iPhone Cameras not Planned

Since smartphones have become commonplace, many users have done away with traditional cameras and even use their smartphone more for taking photos than for phone calls. In accordance, camera improvements have become commonplace with each new iPhone release. In October, the iPhone 12 received several improvements to its camera, with the Pro and Pro Max series profiting the most from these new improvements. Depending on the model, devices received 3 cameras and LiDAR, a large sensor for wide angle shots and "sensor shift" (a feature for active image stabilization). With the new A14 processor, iPhones also received an upgrade to "computational photography", which has improved photos taken at night.



No New Hardware Changes Expected
According to market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new line of iPhones in 2021 won't be receiving any major hardware changes to their camera systems. Apple isn't planning to make more than minor improvements before 2022 and no major changes are expected until 2023. Kuo also reports on an ongoing pricing-battle between the camera manufacturers Largan and Genius Electronic Optical – the latter being especially dependent upon Apple, who has been able to take advantage of the resulting 25% markdown on camera parts.

New Camera Features Still Expected
These statements don't mean that the obligatory photography segment won't take place at the next iPhone event. Apple has stressed the importance of software and algorithms in improving photo-quality for years now. As a result, important improvements are still expected without any changes to the camera hardware. The current camera hardware will still benefit from the upcoming faster chips (the A15 and 16s) with a more powerful neural engine, with outcomes on image rendering no less than assured.

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