Thursday, Mar 16, 2023, 15:53 Hardware

Kuo – New HomePod With 7" Display Planned

Although the HomePod's rich and colorful status indicator dominates the top of the device, only a few LEDs are the source of the effect and thus the surface isn't describable as a display. However, the rumor mill has quite frequently churned out reports indicating that Apple is quite taken with the Echo Show's basic concept – Amazon's smart speaker and its integrated display. Allegedly, a comparable HomePod has even been in development for 2 years – although perhaps Apple didn't pursue the project very vigorously. However, the project still wasn't scrapped – according to a report from market expert Ming-Chi Kuo.

HomePod + iPad + Apple TV
A HomePod with an attached iPad and Apple TV functions is apparently part of Apple's roadmap, per Kuo. The presentation of the device would be a certain course correction to the current strategy in the "Smart Home" sector, with Apple striving for a very tight integration of multiple platforms into the current network. The display may only possess a 7" diagonal, making it not essentially larger than the iPhone Pro Max – yet the device would provide more comfortable servicing of the smart speaker due to the graphical user interface. However, it will still take some time for the device to hit the market – with Kuo's current prediction indicating plans at Apple to release the aforementioned HomePod device at the beginning of next year.



Expanding The "Smart Home" Strategy
A while ago, Bloomberg reported that Apple was pursuing new strategies to further promote the "Smart Home"-ecosystem. One idea mentioned was the possibility of a small display with the ability to control HomeKit devices. The device would be a sort of slimmed-down iPad, capable of FaceTime calls. Magnet connectors would serve to allow for attachment to walls and other objects – yet such accessories aren't expected before 2024. Meanwhile, reports that next year should be especially exciting for the "Smart Home"-sector continue to increase in number.

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