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Kuo: Next Apple Event January 2023 – Time Plan For Apple Headset Release

Almost a decade has passed since the last time an Apple event took place in January and the times when Apple's yearly product cycle lined up with the calendar year. At the time of the last "MacWorld San Francisco" back in 2009, exciting announcements for fans and users always followed the second week of January in the form of both hardware and software events, announcements, and releases. When Cupertino eventually decided to distance itself from this older release cycle traditional of Apple in its middling years, the justification provided was that the company no longer wished for its products' released cycle to be dictated by a fixed point in time.

Additionally, there was also the matter of Apple's first sales for the year coming directly after the Christmas quarter, something presumed to perhaps carry an impact on the company's overall sales figures. 2010's iPad event still took place in January, following it, however, Apple began to deviate from its former tradition. Well-known market expert and Apple leaker/analyst Ming Chi-Kuo recently came out with a report his belief that we should see our first January Apple event in quite some time come 2023 – and it should be one with a very big announcement at that.

Blow By Blow Come 2023
Meanwhile, it's considered certain that Apple will give us some insight into its newest product category come 2023. Following years of development, rumors – and speculative reports about the device in the press, the Apple Headset should be set to arrive on the market. The device is expected to be a powerful AR/VR headset that could even redefine its entire hardware sector. Whilst many have suspected that Apple would at least reveal the headset this year and provide developers with the opportunity to prepare apps at least half a year's worth of time before the device's release, Kuo states that these plans have changed. Accordingly, the company should instead be settling upon a slightly shorter time frame to prevent providing its competition with the adequate time to potentially copy any of the device's announced features.



The Apple Headset – Alleged Time Frame
According to Kuo's most recently sourced information, Apple has decided upon the following proceedings: The headset's announcement and reveal should take place in January 2023, afterwards and within the next 2-3 weeks, developers should receive test devices for the purpose of app development. These would arrive within February at the latest. Before 2023's WWDC (meaning likely May 2023) Apple should start accepting and shipping orders. With an expected price of multiple thousands of dollars, it's not expected that there will be a large quantity of shipments – however, the first generation of the headset is simply the beginning of a long-term product plan.

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