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Kuo & Nikkei: MacBook Pro 16" M1 Delayed

When the MacBook Pro 16" arrives sometime within the next few months, we can expect more than an obvious increase in performance. According to multiple sources, Apple is giving the notebook model a complete make-over in addition to giving the MacBook Pro the M1 treatment. Part of the design make-over includes giving the computer new ports, or at least the same set of ports that older models previously had until they were stripped right before the infamous "dongle era". According to Kuo, we should expect the return of MagSafe, HDMI, and SD ports. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg received similar information from other sources and more or less agrees with Kuo. The only disappointing news here is that the MacBook Pro M1 could be delayed until the second half of this year.

Nikke: Apple Delays Plans
Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the new line of MacBooks should be ready by the second half of this year, a statement Nikkei is also behind. It seems as if the next generation of MacBooks has been delayed and the expected start of production in May is no more. Nikkei didn't refer to any specific models but used the term "MacBooks" when talking about a delay in production until July. The reasons for the delay are unknown, whether a tactical decision is at hand or a lack of materials is behind the delay, is unknown.



March Announcement Unlikely
If Apple does indeed decide to host an event this March, the next MacBook Pro is unlikely to take center stage. Although the iMac is starting to seem like more and more of a hot candidate for an early switch to M1, we may have to wait until the World Wide Developer's Conference in June for the new MacBook Pro line. Thus, it seems as if we'll have to put up with the current awkwardness a little longer, where cheaper MacBooks with M1 chips cost less and perform better than models of the MacBook Pro.

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