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Kuo On The MacBook Pro 2021: The Return Of The Ports – HDMI, SD, & MagSafe

In recent years, Apple computers, particularly the MacBook Air notebook and Pro laptop lineups, have become slimmer and slimmer. Although the sleekness of the design is to be praised, it comes at the cost of features some of the bulkier models of previous years offered. To be more precise, ports. Apple's recent portable interactions have seen their ports stripped away, for the iPhones, this began and up until now ended with the removal of the headphone jack (although it's rumored that lightning-less iPhones are now conceivable). With Apple's laptops, the massacre was a bit heftier, models of previous years prior to "the slimming" all possessed HDMI, SD card, & MagSafe ports. The removal of the ports was controversial amongst Apple customers and led to the rise of the much-ridiculed dongle, an accessory which we won't discuss any further. In recent weeks, however, it's been rumored that Apple plans to break with the reductionist slimming policy for the release of the MacBook Pro 2021. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, who already reported on MagSafe's comeback, we can expect a far greater number of ports on the new MacBook Pro.

The Return Of HDMI, SD Card, & MagSafe Ports
According to Kuo's information, significant specification changes to the MacBook Pro are coming in the 2nd half of 2021 – a slightly later release forecast than most yet. Practical changes include an integrated SD card reader as well as an HDMI port. These were Apple and industry standards for years until Apple replaced the ports with a switch to USB-C in 2016. The omission sorted for a lengthy discussion as many users considered the former features well-established, practical implements. Kuo's information comes from supplier circles as he mentions Genesys Logic as the exclusive manufacturer of the SD card reader.



The Apple World Waits Eagerly
The 2021 MacBook Pro 16" could be an even more exciting release than expected. Next to the awaited increase in performance over the new MacBook Pro M1 13", it appears as if Apple is finally listening to the critique of their long-term customers with the return of some old features. In January it was also reported that Apple is bidding the TouchBar farewell, as the controversial addition hadn't proven itself to be of much use. According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, we could also expect a new display generation, with more brightness and contrast. If true, the upcoming MacBook Pro 16" is certainly an Apple product to get excited about.

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