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Kuo Reconfirms Prognosis For MacBook Pro 16" – Discusses iPad Pro 11" With Mini LED

Numerous sites and journals have reported that the 14 and 16" MacBook Pro with the new and improved M1X chip will launch slightly later than expected, although likely still during this fall. Well-known market expert and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned the two devices in a recent message to investors. According to Mr. Kuo, production will begin in the third quarter of this year, which stands immediately in front of us. However, this does not necessarily mean that Apple is planning an announcement at the upcoming September event.

MacBook Pro Event In October?
It's entirely conceivable that Apple is planning another special event in either October or November – just like last year for the announcement of the M1 Macs, for the announcement of the M1X MacBook Pro. There isn't any other news about the device's hardware itself, but Kuo already went well into detail last month. The devices will have much faster processors with up to double the number of performance cores, new Mini LED displays, additional ports (HDMI, SD card), and a new design along with the removal of the touch bar, based on Mr. Kuo's current information.



iPad Pro 11" To Recieve Mini LED Next Year
Mr. Kuo also touched on the upcoming iPad and discussed the switch to the new Mini LED technology. There are currently two options – and it's considered granted that Apple would like to part ways with traditional LCDs, whose production has decreased dramatically. The first option is for Apple to either use Mini LED, like with the 12.9" iPad Pro, or to use OLED – like in all iPhones. Either way, Cupertino is planning to equip the iPad Pro 11" with Mini LED by next year, according to Kuo – at which point the smaller iPad Pro will have caught up to its bigger brother in terms of technology. Earlier reports also mentioned a broad range of innovations coming to the 2022 generation of the iPad Pro. By 2022, it should be possible to charge the iPad Pro via induction – as well as to place other Apple devices on the back of the iPad Pro to be charged in the same manner. Kuo made no mention of OLED for other iPad series.

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