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Kuo: iPhone 14 In 2022 Will Be A Major New Generation – 8K Video, 48 MP Camera And So Much More

About five months before the presentation of the next iPhone generation, which will be launched in September according to previous indications, numerous reports about the 2022 series have been circulating. Apple has not yet decided in advance what features the devices will have in detail, but negotiations with suppliers and manufacturing partners have been going on for a while now. The well-informed market expert Ming-Chi Kuo relies on exactly these sources when he accurately predicts upcoming events. In the case of the iPhone 14 - or whatever the grandson of the iPhone 12 will be called - we can expect some big changes. Among other things, Apple will once again make huge improvements to the camera system.

No mini, but still four versions
Apple also wants to launch four versions of the iPhone on the market in the fall of 2022, but will eliminate the variant with a 5.4" display. Instead, there will be two devices with a 6.1" screen and two variants with a 6.7" screen diagonal - two high-end, two low-end, as Kuo explains. The market for smaller and cheaper smartphones will not be covered by an "iPhone mini", but by a model series like the iPhone SE. In view of the poor sales figures of the iPhone 12 mini, which still has to compete internally against the iPhone SE, Apple did not see a long-term future for that model.

Cameras: A whole new level
According to Kuo, Apple will make significant innovations to the camera system next year. At least the most powerful versions will have a 48 megapixel camera, which will also use new lens systems. Once again, Apple would raise iPhone photography to a whole new level. Kuo presumably means the periscope cameras, which could be integrated into the iPhone in 2023 at the latest, but possibly also this year or next year. However, Kuo lowered his expectations on this point, because he now considers 2021 unlikely.

The 8K era begins
However, it is not only iPhone photographers who will benefit; there is also a lot happening in the video sector. For the first time, the iPhone could then record videos in 8K resolution and give the smartphone even more importance in video production. Smartphones are already being used more and more in areas that were dominated by professional cameras just a few years ago. Meanwhile, the demands on computing power as well as storage capacity are enormous – after all, there are four times as many pixels to deal with.



Reason for the camera expansion: AR
The main reason why Apple is increasing the resolution of the iPhone camera so much is not the snapshot photographer or the ambitious photo artist. Instead, it is once again about the AR/VR area. Resolutions of 8K or even 16K are important to merge real and artificial world in the best possible way. Since Apple relies heavily on AR research, iPhone cameras as well as the installed sensors will benefit from this.

Face ID moves behind the display - Touch ID as well
Kuo also claims to have heard about other plans – the black display cutout at the upper edge of the display could finally be eliminated in 2022. Apple would then be technologically ready to move the sensors into the display - this would affect both the face and the fingerprint scanner. However, it will not be possible to do without a visible section before 2023, so there will have to be at least a small punch hole in the display for Face ID. Touch ID is different because it can be placed completely behind the display glass.

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