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LG Introduces New "OLED EX" & A Promise – More Display Brightness

OLED displays have long since established themselves as the new industry standard. The technology offers impressive colors and perfect dark levels – in contrast to standard LCD displays, OLED doesn't use any backlighting to represent its dark colors, allowing for rich blacks as opposed to comparatively "desaturated" greys. Despite coming as an overall improvement to traditional LCDs, OLED still has some disadvantages. For one, the technology's brightness can be added to the list of cons next to the life span of some of the panel's components – but display brightness is really OLED's biggest "Achilles' heel". Now, LG Display is presenting its next generation of OLED – the OLED EX, which should provide the solution to some of the technology's current weaknesses.

OLED "EX" Display Technology With Increased Brightness
The age old marketing gimmick of adding as many suffixes as possible to a product's name to catch customers' interest is well known – just take for example Apple's "Super Retina XDR Display". LG's OLED EX also adds a suffix to the "new" OLED display technology, combining the words "Evolution" and "eXperience". Thanks to the new "EX" technology, LG states that it has improved the display's overall image quality by increasing brightness levels. In comparison to traditional OLED displays, the new OLED EX is about 30% brighter – with an achievable brightness level of 950 - 970 nits.



Source: LG Display

Release – Second Quarter Of 2022?
OLED EX also brings along some design adjustments. According to LG Display, a 65 inch OLED display's frame thickness could be reduced from six to four millimeters. In order to achieve this improvement, the company invented a new deuterium compound and a personalized algorithm. The new technology could even make its way onto the market during the second quarter of 2022. Apple is currently equipping most of its devices with mini-LED, which has a brightness level of up to 2,000 nits – slightly over 1,000 nits more than the upcoming OLED EX's brightness level. However, mini-LED displays are still obviously inferior to the OLED EX when it comes to displaying darkness levels.

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