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Large Bug Fixed In iOS 14.7 – iPhone WiFi Deactivated

People name their personal WiFi networks... interesting things sometimes. Ranging from creative, to unimaginative, to cryptic, and sometimes even outrageous – if you've ever lived in an apartment building or condo, you've probably chuckled at least once or twice at the name of a neighbour's WiFi network. In the case that you see any such network names (%p%s%s%s%s%n and %secretclub%power) with many percentage signs and letters in between on your iPhone while out in public – do try to connect to them. There's currently a bug in iOS 14.6, as discovered by security researcher Carl Shou, that will cause the phone's WiFi module to deactivate – and it can't be reactivated easily. Now, Apple is fixing the problem.

iPhone Without WiFi – Certain Network Names Are Problematic
Schou discovered that connecting to a network named "%p%s%s%s%s%n" can cause a few issues. After doing so, an iPhone doesn't just lose connection to the WiFi, the phone's entire WiFi module completely deactivates. Users have no other option than to completely reset their device's network settings in order to fix the issue. Even worse, when a user tries to connect to a network named "%secretclub%power". In order to restore the full functionality of their iOS device after connecting to a %secretclub%power named network, users will have to rely on a backup of their own device – with some slight modifications.



Bug Fixed In iOS 14.7
Schou reported the bug to Apple and the company has now responded – although it's not releasing a hot-fix update, Cupertino has fixed the bug in the current beta of iOS 14.7, which will release soon. YouTuber zollotech recently posted a video with proof of this detailing iOS 14.7's last build. The video shows that connecting to a network name of one of the two previously mentioned types no longer disturbs the iPhone.

Source: zollotech

iOS 14.7's beta has been available to download for several days – and not just for developers, public beta-testers can also download the beta version of the operating system. However, those waiting on the final release will still have to be a little patient, although Apple's likely to release it relatively soon. The second beta of iOS 15 still presents the bug, although the same fix from iOS 14.7 will likely carry over to the next beta version of iOS 15.

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