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Leaker: Apple Demands Release Of Sources & Threatens Legal Action

When it comes to keeping information under lock and key, Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world. What occurs behind the glossy windows of the Apple HQ in Cupertino with respect to software and hardware development is often hidden quite well from the public. However, Apple does cooperate with a plethora of other companies such as suppliers, contract manufacturers, and accessory manufacturers – making complete confidentiality rather difficult.

Black Market For Prototypes
It's inevitable that some photos of prototypes and future devices will find their way onto the internet. Sometimes, prototypes even make their way to the public due to the negligence of Apple employees. In the last few years, a veritable "black market" for stolen prototypes of Apple products such as iPads and iPhones has developed. Employees from companies such as Foxconn or even Apple employees in Chinese branches are involved. Such leaks are obviously of annoyance to Apple.



Apple Orders A Cease & Desist
In a report from Vice, Apple has begun legal proceedings against an unnamed Chinese leaker who recently posted photos of an iPhone prototype on their Twitter account. The leaker received a letter from Apple's lawyers demanding that they refrain from any such similar actions in the future. According to the letter, Apple gave the leaker a 14 day period – starting on the 18th of June, to explain themselves. The leaker was also supposed to promise to refrain from selling any such stolen prototypes in the future, along with purchasing any such prototypes or sale of them.

Leaker Required To Name All Sources
Additionally, Apple demanded that the leaker surrender any and all sources from which the leaker had received stolen prototypes. Thus, Apple doesn't only want to prevent the release of confidential information or plans – but is also combatting the prototype black market. Should the leaker refuse to cooperate with Cupertino, the letter details further legal proceedings and severe penalties. According to Vice, Apple has released multiple such "Cease and Desist" letters over the past few weeks, although the exact number remains unknown. Of exception noteworthy in this case, however, is the fact that the well-known leaker "Mr. White" closed his Twitter account on the 11th of June, only to reopen it under a different name. Whether or not there's any connection between this action and Apple's recent activities is not known at this time.

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