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Leaker – iPadOS Apps Will Soon Be Shrinkable Into Smaller Windows

Can the iPad serve as a replacement for a standard notebook? Some users would certainly say yes to this question, whereas others would point to countless examples of the tablet's limitations in comparison – and not mostly in terms of performance, either. Apple just equipped the iPad Air with an M1 chip, and according to the first benchmarks for the device – it hasn't held the chip back any either. The iPad's real limitations in comparison to notebooks don't come in terms of performance but software. To many users, iPadOS is still far from equatable to macOS or Windows – such that many still can't do without a more conventional computer. Now, leaker Majin Bu is reporting on a potential feature that could increase the parity between the iPad and traditional notebook, along with improving workflow considerably.

Leaker – Apple Working On New Multi-Task Feature
iPadOS does, technically, already have a multi-tasking function. Apps can be viewed in the shared "Split View", or stapled over each other to a limited extend with "Slide Over". With the iPad and Mac's new "Universal Control" feature, Apple also offers a very practical means of controlling both iPad and Mac at once from the same mouse and keyboard – as well as allowing the user to drag and drop files from in between devices. According to leaker Majin Bu, Cupertino now is now planning a new feature for iPadOS called "Apple Mixer" amongst the Apple in-crowd. When users connect a keyboard or mouse to their iPad, apps will automatically shrink in size to smaller windows, allowing for multiple applications to be run side-by-side at once.



"Apple Mixer" Likely Only For M1 iPads
Bu does point out that he can't confirm with 100% certainty whether or not the feature will arrive in iOS 16 – which should be released on the occasion of the WWDC this year in June. The leaker does, however, forecast that the "Apple Mixer" feature is most likely to be exclusive to M1 iPads. The only M1 iPads are currently all the iPad Pro and iPad Air. The iPad mini has to make do with an A15 Bionic. It's also rather questionable whether or not multiple parallel windows would even make sense on an iPad mini, with its rather small display size – the 8.3 inch display doesn't really suit itself for productivity anyway.

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