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M1 MacBooks – Does The Display Glass Break Too Easily? More & More Complaints

For more than half a year now, the M1 based MacBooks, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, have been available for purchase. Up until now, there have been very few reports concerning defects. That wasn't the case with the iMac M1, which had some customers reporting annoying high-pitched frequencies and slightly slanted displays – although there were no major issues. The M1 notebooks, on the other hand, had no apparent defects at launch – although now, more and more users are beginning to complain of sensitive and easily cracked displays. In various forums, users have begun to complain of defects – particular in relation to the M1 notebooks' display glass.

According To Users – Glass Cracks During Normal Use
In the Apple Discussions, as well as on Reddit, users affected by the defect state that the glass has become cracked simply after closing their device entirely normally. A disconcerting noise indicated that there may have been a problem after closing the device, with a reopening of the device revealing a damaged display. Damage of this kind to devices arises from forceful closing of the display or when something is in the way of the keyboard. However, many users claim that the problem has arisen during normal use, with no other causes or issues apparent.



Customers Left To Pay For Repairs
Repairs can cost more than US$700, with customers considered responsible. Apple hasn't confirmed any hardware defects leading to the damage and insists that customers are responsible for the damage. Those who have contacted customer support concerning the matter are simply advised to undergo the aforementioned expensive repair. A user from Reddit has even reported that the damage has occurred twice – once after having already repaired the display, such reports indicate that the error is much more likely the result of a serial defect.

A Quick Look At Previous Defects
We can predict how the situation will develop by taking a look at the history of other such instances in the past. Apple will likely do its best to remain silent for a few more months only to start a repair program after loud protest from customers and the threat of legal action. Incidentally, this normally includes repairs that users were forced to shoulder the cost of before the start of the program – meaning these users may have a chance of receiving their money back from Apple should such a program be started in this case. However, that's likely to take some time and will only occur in the eventuality that an investigation from Apple reveals that the displays are in fact exceptionally fragile.

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