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M1 Max Chip: First Benchmark Results Show Graphic Performance

During the presentation of the new Mac chips, Apple chose comparisons, but did not quote any concrete benchmarks. However, some numbers have leaked out in the meantime. For example, the performance per core only increased slightly when comparing the performance of the M1 Max with an M1 - around 1650 points for the chip introduced a year ago are compared to around 1750 points for the new M1 Max variant. Nevertheless, an M1 Max clearly beats the normal M1 due to its core configuration (7400 vs. 11500 points). But now there are also clues about the graphics performance, because the M1 Max should be particularly good at this discipline.



M1 Max in the benchmark: 3x faster than M1.
Specifically, it's about the Metal performance, measured with Geekbench 5. The last MacBook Pro 16" of the Intel era brought it to 24,500 points with an AMD Radeon Pro 5300M, but if you chose a 5600M, it was 43,000 points. However, according to the first benchmarks of an M1 Max, the chip, or rather its graphics unit, manages almost 69,000 points and thus massively sets itself apart. The values also surpass the professional graphics card of the type AMD Radeon Pro Vega 56, as it did its duty in the discontinued iMac Pro.

Test result presumably from the model with 24 cores.
In the cited test, an M1 Max with 64 GB of memory was used, unfortunately you can't see the number of graphics cores. Since an M1 Mac manages about 21,000 points in the "Metal Score", this with the power of eight graphics cores, the test seems to be more about the Max variant with 24 and not the top version with 32 cores. The high graphics performance is not only important for graphics-heavy applications and games. Instead, all application areas that require parallel processing of independent tasks - and can use the graphics cores for this purpose - benefit. As soon as our MacBook Pro with M1 Max is delivered, our Logoist benchmark from last year will of course come into play again - it combines many disciplines that offer a good overview of the overall performance.

Summary of some benchmark values

Model Metal Score
MacBook Pro M1 21000
Intel-MBP, 5300M 24500
Intel-MBP, 5600M 43000
iMac Pro, Vega 56 54000
MBP M1 Max 69000

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