Thursday, Jun 10, 2021, 19:17 Mac: Hardware

"M1X" MacBook Pro Accidentally Mentioned By Apple?

Those who were hoping for new hardware announcements at last Monday's WWDC Keynote event are probably a little bit disappointed. Especially with all the speculation from leakers like Jon Prosser. Although hardware was the theme of the 2020, 2019, and 2017 WWDC events, this year it was all software (just like in 2016 and 2018). Thus, we're all still excited to know what comes next after Apple's first and extremely impressive, in-house M1 chip. It was allegedly Apple's original plan to come out with the M1X and M2 Macs in the first half of 2021. However, multiple reports over the last few weeks indicate delays caused by shortages in the chip market.

MacBook Pro MX1 Found In Metadata
A few interesting things were discovered in an analysis of the tags left on a YouTube video from Cupertino of Monday's event. Given the general consensus among well-known and trustworthy leakers that Apple was planning to announce the new chips and MacBook Pro, these tags are rather conspicuous. Whether intentional or not, the metadata left behind when Apple posted the video in question references a "MacBook Pro M1X" and "M1X". This doesn't necessarily mean that Apple was still optimistic about the release of a new MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon several weeks ago, however, the mention is suspicious.



Apple Hasn't Made Any Fake Product Mentions In The Past
Apple hasn't made fake mentions of products in the past, preferring instead to concentrate on the relevant theme's presentation. However, there were mentions of "Series 6" (the current generation of the Apple Watch) to be found last fall, prior to the product's launch or announcement. This might indicate that the new MacBook Pro likely isn't too far off. If Apple were to include as many tags as possible in videos to boost the company's reception in the search results and thus traffic on YouTube, then there would have been references to other expected hardware in this video's tags. At the same time, MacBook Pro M1X is likely not the final name for the product. Despite the press' (and our) tendency to refer to products as "MacBook M1" or "iPad Pro M1" for clarity, the chip generation has never been an actual part of Apple's official name for its own products.

MacBook Pro M1X Removed From Keynote In May?
The final production of Apple's Keynote videos for events normally takes place within a short period of time. For events in the past, Apple had sometimes only finished filming scenes a few days before the event. As long as this recent "MacBook Pro M1X" mention isn't simply a marketing gag to get journalists to do exactly what we're doing right now (writing about Apple), which is unlikely, given the number of Apple experts who considered a MacBook Pro announcement to be likely at last Monday's WWDC. For example, well-known and trustworthy leakers Mark Gurman and Jon Prosser each considered an announcement to be 89 and 75 percent likely, according to AppleTrack.

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