Tuesday, Apr 27, 2021, 12:32 Mac: Hardware

M2 Chip For Pro Macs On The Way: MacBook Pro 16" And iMac 32" Possible In Fall

Although the M1 chip offers impressive computing power, it also comes with certain limitations. These are probably the main reason why Apple has not yet converted either the large iMac or the MacBook Pro 16" to in-house processors. While a maximum of 16 GB RAM should be more than sufficient for the current M1 Macs in most cases, it would be a step backwards for the iMac and MacBook Pro just in terms of numbers. The MacBook Pro 16" with Intel chips is currently available with up to 64 GB RAM, and the iMac 27" is even available with up to 128 GB. Since those model series address a different market than the cheaper variants, Apple has to show more in this point - and also create a further leap forward in GPU performance.

Production starting in July
According to a Nikkei report, corresponding chips are not far away, as Apple will present the M2 before the end of this year. There is still some uncertainty about the designation (M2? M1X?), but it is considered largely certain that the second generation of Mac processors will appear in the fall. According to Nikkei, Apple has to consider a production period of about three months, and chip deliveries could start in July. Thus, it would be possible to bring the next significantly revised Macs to customers around October.



Many more cores, much more power?
Rumors about the M2's specifications circulated months ago. This one is not only supposed to support more RAM, but also increase the number of cores. While a current M1 Mac relies on four performance cores, the M2 is supposed to have at least eight, and even 32 in the most powerful version. At the same time, Apple would also offer more graphics cores, because even though the M1 can easily keep up with mid-range graphics cards at the moment, it needs much more performance for professional customers. It is still unclear when the hour will strike for the next-generation Mac Pro. The MacBook Pro 16" as well as the successor of the iMac 27" will certainly still come in 2021, but it could be 2022 for the Mac Pro.

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