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M2 To Arrive In 2022 With New MacBook Air – According To A Leaker

The chips in iPhones and iPads generally differentiate themselves in that the iPad tends to have better cooling along with a slightly stronger chip variant. The "X" in the name of the iPad chips (e.g. A5X, A6X, all the way up to A11X and A12Z) stands for the increased power of the iPad variant of the iPhone chips. However, the iPad Pro doesn't carry the same chip as the rest of the iPad line up, it carries an M1 chip – just like the one in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13", and Mac mini. In recent weeks, there has been some indication that Apple intends to bring the "X" abbreviation over to Apple Silicon, in order to differentiate the chips equipped in the consumer vs. premium devices (e.g. MacBook Pro 13" w/ M1 vs. MacBook Pro 16" w/ M1X). Numerous sources all state that Apple will release a MacBook Pro with an "M1X" chip this fall. This should be a noticeably faster and more powerful chip than the current M1, with double the same amount of performance cores.

A Colourful MacBook Air With M2
Leaker Dylandkt has recently revealed via Twitter that the M2 chip should arrive in the first half of 2022 with a more colourful variant of the MacBook Air. While the "M1X" chip name is being reserved for the "ultrabook" tier of Apple notebooks, the second M-chip will arrive with the MacBook Air (similarly to during Apple Silicon's initial release). Just as in the case of the chip's market launch, the M2 should at first arrive in the most compact Macs, before a more powerful variant is made for the premium and performance tier models. Another detail according to Dylandkt – the 2022 series of the MacBook Air won't just have a new chip, it'll also have more options for colour. Presumably, Apple will release the next MacBook Air in a similar design to the recently released iMac M1, along with similar colour options.



No Information Known About The M2's Specifications
Details concerning the M2 haven't yet revealed themselves. Many of the improvements coming with the M1X were actually projected to arrive with the M2. Improvements such as allotment of more than 16GB of RAM and a much more powerful graphics unit. In a recent Bloomberg report concerning the Mac Pro, it was suggested that the equipped chip could have anywhere from 32 all the way up to 128 graphics cores – which certainly doesn't describe the M2 chip intended to fit into compact notebooks. The chip to be used in the Mac Pro will more than likely be some variant of the M1X or M2X. The release of the MacBook Pro 16" with M1X is currently set for September/October, according to the most recent reports.

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