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Mac Tip: Use Safari's Snapback Feature To Immediately Return To Search Results

Anyone doing any kind of searching, researching, information gathering, or news reading in the modern age can hardly avoid the search engine. Almost everyone with an internet connected device employs the use of a search engine daily, either at work, or at home. In most browsers, searches are completed quickly: for example, in Safari, you simply have to enter the desired search terms into the address line – you don't even have to tap enter until a list of corresponding searches, search terms, and search recommendations or websites are displayed for you to click on prior to initiating the search. However, at time's it's difficult to find the correct content which one searches for – leading users to initiate a full search and scrolling through result page after result page after result page in hopes of finding the desired content or information – especially when it comes to academic research. With Safari, there's a feature that many users might not be aware of that makes this process considerably easier.

Use SnapBack To Quickly Return To Search Results In Safari
Sometimes a simple Google search for information can turn into a longer procedure than expected. The first results aren't always the best. Those who need to then return to the search results page from the clicked upon website or link can either reenter the search term, press the "back" button, or take advantage of Safari's SnapBack feature under History > Search Results SnapBack. The SnapBack feature is especially useful when deep within a site's interior, meaning that the user is more than one click away from returning to the search results page. The SnapBack feature allows users to avoid either having to reenter in the specific search term or set of terms, or it allows users to be able to avoid having to press the "back" button multiple times. A keyboard command can execute the feature even more quickly, [[alt]] [[cmd]] S.



Alternative – Click On The Magnifying Glass Icon
Safari's "SnapBack" feature works independently of the chosen search engine and only ever affects the original tab. So, if you open up other tabs from the search results page in order to open multiple sites at once, these tabs will not be able to "SnapBack" to the original search results page. However, when users need to reenter a previously searched entry, there's a useful feature for this as well in Safari. To do this, all content in the search field has to be deleted so that a semi-transparent magnifying glass icon is present on the left corner of the address bar. A quick click on the magnifying glass will display a list of recently entered searches and allow the user to change the search engine being used.

A quick look at the available search engines, previously entered searches are listed below the search engines.

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