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MacBook 12" 2023? New Doubts Surrounds Apple's Alleged Plans

Apple's hardware plans quite frequently leak before their actual presentation as clues from various sources make their way into the limelight. Firstly, there are certainly some market experts with sources directly inside the company – however, there are times when it's possible to derive some of Apple's plans from the partially public plans of production partners and suppliers. For example, when a medium-sized company partnered with Apple suddenly forecasts a drastic increase in turnover one year – it's usually clear that this indicates some sort of large order from Apple. The most well-known analysts, most of whom are well-connected inside a specific sector of the market, reference such data in their prognoses.

Ross Young – A Very Reliable Oracle
One such market analyst who has previously made very accurate market predictions is Ross Young from Display Supply Chain Consultants. For example, he was one of the first to provide information concerning Apple's ProMotion plans, the iPad mini 8.3", the 2021 MacBook Pro 14" and 16" models' display technology, and also the switch from a 13.3" to 13.6" display with the most recently released MacBook Air. Young has a specific specialization in the display market, meaning that he has a pretty good overview concerning which companies are preparing for large contracts by either obtaining, delivering, or producing a large number of components.



MacBook 12" – The Branch Still Knows Nothing
Although some sources have released reports concerning a potential comeback of the MacBook 12", Ross Young states that there are no current indications that such an event will take place. Accordingly, Apple's strategy is currently strongly concentrated on 13" displays or larger. Nobody from Young's network currently has any knowledge of any plans concerning any kind of smaller notebook – and given the large amount of time for preparation, there should have already been indications of any such plans by now.

Internal Prototypes But No Concrete Plans?
Since the choice of partners is very clear, and since Apple can't produce any displays on its own, Young considers the chances of a reintroduction of the MacBook 12" in the foreseeable future to be very unlikely – a forecast meant to range from now until the end of next year. After then, it's impossible to completely rule out the idea of seeing such a device eventually. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg recently referred to internal prototypes in one report, thus it's likely that Apple is currently researching the opportunity to yet again offer smaller notebooks at some point in time.

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