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MacBook Air 2022 – Rumors & Specs – Everything We Know So Far

Just recently, Apple introduced the new MacBook Pro models with 14" and 16" screens - and it is the second series with Apple's own chips, which the company completely redesigned. In winter 2020, Apple equipped the first Macs with the brand-new M1 processor: While the inner workings were completely turned upside down, the design, most ports and also the integrated screen remained the same. Only with the iMac 24", introduced in spring 2021, Apple presented a Mac, which was specially designed for the M1.

Not until mid-2022
Very few users should complain about the speed of the 2020 MacBook Air with M1 chip - Apple has a clear lead in this segment thanks to the M1 processor. Various sources still assumed in spring that Apple would present a revised MacBook Air this winter - but the "Unleashed" event will probably be the last Apple presentation this year. At the moment, various trustworthy sources say that Apple will probably not present the successor of the MacBook Air M1 until summer 2022 - but with some special features.

The first device with M2 chip
The M1 could especially show its biggest advantage in laptops: The excellent energy efficiency. Thanks to the M1, the MacBook Air outperformed the vast majority of configurations of the Intel-based MacBook Pro 16" - and still remained pleasantly cool with excellent battery life. Apple is expected to introduce the M2 processor next year - and the 2022 MacBook Air may be the first model with the new chip. While the M1 Pro and M1 Max hardly change processor cores, the M2 could use the core architecture of the Apple A16, which Apple will introduce with the upcoming iPhone generation at the end of 2022. However, more cores are not expected: Apple will probably rely on four performance cores and four efficiency cores as well as 8 GPU cores in the M2, too.



Notch, Micro-LED, ProMotion
Until now, Apple only used screens with micro-LED backlighting in the Apple ProDisplay XDR and the iPad Pro. The MacBook Pro 14" and 16" with M1 Pro and M1 Max are the first Macs to feature an integrated display with Micro-LED backlight. It can be assumed that Apple will probably also use this backlight in the MacBook Air - if screens are available in sufficient numbers and don't break the targeted budget.

One of the few points of criticism in the newly introduced 2021 MacBook Pro can be found at the upper edge of the display: The "notch". It is to be expected that Apple will also reduce the "black borders" around the screen and work with rounded corners - thus, the upcoming MacBook Air generation will probably also include a notch to accommodate the FaceTime camera. But the MacBook Air might also inherit another thing from the MacBook Pro: ProMotion. The new Pro models are so far the only Macs that can display content at more than 60 Hz - and it is highly likely that the display of the upcoming Air will also work at up to 120 Hz.

No bigger screen
For quite some time, there have been rumors that Apple will not only offer the MacBook Air with a 13.3" display, but also optionally with a 15" screen. However, Bloomberg's usually very well-informed Mark Gurman reports that Apple has unfortunately scrapped this plan and will not include a cheaper laptop with a larger screen in its lineup.

No wedge shape, but colorful.
Since the first MacBook Air, the device has come in a wedge shape: the rear part of the case is thicker than the front. According to some sources, Apple will do without this in the upcoming Air generation - the 2022 MacBook Air is supposed to be equally thick in all places. This could allow Apple to install a bigger battery in order to extend the battery life or increase the performance.

While the 2021 MacBook Pro is only available in silver and space gray, the MacBook Air will most likely follow the example of the iMac 24" and come in many different colors.

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