Thursday, Jul 07, 2022, 13:44 Mac: Hardware

MacBook Air M2 Creeps Into Windows' Territory – Anxiety From The Competition

As already mentioned on numerous occasions: The MacBook Air is Apple's cash cow in the Mac lineup. Various sources indicate that the newest edition of the device will begin deliveries next week, and now there's even an official confirmation that this is the case. Apparently, there will even be a press briefing tomorrow with select media outlets. Historically, Apple has provided press representatives with test hardware after a brief information session. A quick look at the device's reception in the press and online thus far, however, indicates that the first experience reports will likely be very positive – with little doubt that this will reflect itself in sales as well. Although the MacBook Air M1 still possesses the same housing as the former Intel model, Cupertino decided to change things up this go-around with a considerably improved, fresh design for the M2 version.

Concern From Various Wintel Manufacturers
As per indication from suppliers, not everyone is thrilled about the new MacBook Air's upcoming arrival on the market. In the Windows camp for example, the MacBook Air M2 is causing established notebook manufacturers some particular concern. One report even goes so far as to cite multiple sources in a report claiming that the new MacBook Air is set to hit the premium "Wintel" (Windows/Intel) notebook market very hard. These would include Intel-based Windows notebooks in the same price class, with the overall market's attraction towards these devices decreasing significantly with the release of the new Apple product. Neither the battery life nor performance of the alternatives even come close to high value of the (passively cooled!) MacBook Air M2.



MacBook Air Threatens The Price Class
An unable to be named manufacturer believes that the price of the MacBook Air, regardless of a slight raise, still lays within the acceptable price range set by many users. Considering the additional performance improvements (+18% CPU & +35% GPU), the new webcam, and the modern design of the housing – there could be some very negative effects for the Wintel market as customers flock to the new MacBook Air. The source states that the MacBook Air is very likely to threaten any similar device in the US1,000 - US$1,500 range. Additionally, the overall condition on the market has taken on a bit more of an edge due to concerns, indications, and impacts of a possible upcoming recession and the rampant inflation currently seen in some countries. Thus, those not considered to be absolute premium manufacturers will have a hard time justifying the high price tag on their devices.

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