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MacBook Air M2 Vs. MacBook Air M1 (2022) – Detail & Specifications

The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13" are yet again debuting the first new line of M-chips. Unlike with the M1's introduction, this time, the Mac mini is not a part of the party is not currently available with the brand new chip equipped. Either way, it will still take some time for the recently released devices to hit the shelves, with Apple's only statement concerning the matter being the vary vague "coming month". For this very reason, we'll simply have to be patient before we can release any actual practical or benchmark testing results. In the meantime, we will have to trust Apple's own results – however, these early benchmarks and claims from Cupertino have very often proven to be nearly identical to our own reproducible test results over the last few years. Apple indicates an 18% improvement to performance in the CPU department alongside a 35% increase to GPU performance. In the remainder of this report, we will summarize a few other things that have been yet to receive much discussion in detail.

The M2 MacBook Air's display diagonal has increased from the previous generation's 13.3" to its current diagonal of 13.6", which also allows for a slightly higher resolution. Whereas the maximum resolution was previously 2560 x 1600 pixels, it's now 2560 x 1664. The display's brightness has also increased from a value of 400 to 500 nits. P3 support and True Town are also present, although they were already features of the model from 2020.



MacBook Air M1 MacBook Air M2
Display 13.3" (33,74 cm) 13.6" (34,46 cm)
Resolution 2560 x 1600 2560 x 1664
Pixel Density 227 ppi 224 ppi
Brightness 400 Nits 500 Nits

M1 Vs. M2 Battery Life
The MacBook Air M1 was almost considered to be a miracle in terms of what it accomplished with energy efficiency and battery life, and that hasn't changed with the arrival of its newest sibling. Despite the M2 have being supplied with even more computing power, there has been no negative impact from this on the battery life department. Instead, Apple also documented the device's ability to surf the web uninterrupted for 15 hours, 18 hours of constant video playback. The battery actually became slightly larger, with an increase from 49.9 watt hours to 52.6.

Dimensions & Weight
The MacBook Air M1's edge form has become an equally high bottom section in the device's newest iteration. Apple indicates a build height of 1.13 cm – including the feet. This means that the MacBook Air M2 is actually thinner than the first iPhone. The former MacBook Air measured 1.61 cm tall at its most dense location and .41 cm at its least dense.

MacBook Air M1 MacBook Air M2
Height 0,41 to 1,61 cm 1,13 cm
Width 11.81 in 11.97 in
Depth 8.36 in 8.46 in
Weight 2.84 lbs 2.73 kg

It was clear that there wouldn't be any reduction in price, and if anything, there has in fact been a slight increase to the product's price – with a heavier impact in the European market. Whereas the MacBook Air M1 was only US$999, the new MacBook Air M2 is US$1,199. The additional US$200 in price makes for a €400 difference in Europe. Whereas the M1 variant costed Europeans €1,100, the M2 version will cost €1,499. There's one difference, though, as far as equipment is concerned. Whereas last generation's MacBook Air had only 7 graphics cores, this year's has 8. Additionally, the previous generation with a 512 GB SSD costed €1,363 in Europe, whereas it will now cost €1,729. The increase in price is considerably lower for customers in The United States, thanks in part to lower taxes and regulations and a slightly more favorable overall view of "big tech" (although it has still come under fire some in the USA). Apple will continue to offer the MacBook Air M1 in Europe for €100 more than during its introduction to the market. The table below shows what the price figures will be after the M2 device's launch:

MacBook Air M1 (2020) MacBook Air M2 (2022)
Base Price In Dollars 999 1199
Base Price In Euros 1100 1499

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