Wednesday, Jul 14, 2021, 13:53 Mac: Hardware

MacBook Pro 16" Rumours: Only 32GB Of RAM – Support For "UHS-II" Cards

It’s almost certain that the upcoming MacBook Pro 16” is going to take a step backwards and return to the basics – something which has been met with great approval. Numerous, concurring reports state that Cupertino is planning to reintroduce some of the sorely missed ports and connections found on previous MacBooks. In recent years, USB-C has been the sole connection port type on all MacBooks, much to the frustration of many users – however, MagSafe and HDMI ports are expected to make a comeback with the M1X series of MacBooks. Despite the excitement concerning the upcoming MacBook Pro, it won’t be making a release until at least October, although some reports forecast a wait until even November.

SD Cards With UHS-II
The return of SD cards has been mentioned multiple times, and leaker/YouTuber Luke Miani has indicated that he has more details concerning this aspect of the device. According to his information, the new SD card slot will provide support for “UHS-II” cards, which possess a theoretical output of 312MB/s. That’s almost three times that of the UHS-I cards for reference. Since the plug used is backwards compatible, both card types will be usable. Miani mentions one other small detail – the button for Touch ID has a backlight and multiple LEDs will display the proper positioning of the finger.



32GB RAM Limit?
Current M1 Macs come with either 8 or 16GB of RAM – and there's the same limit for the current iPad Pro. It's certain that one of the M1X's most important improvements will be an expansion of the RAM limit. Luke Miani indicates that there won't be a drastic increase (no 64GB RAM configurations), however, the RAM limit will double all the way up to 32GB. However, Bloomberg also recently reported that Apple is shooting for the same RAM limit as in the current 16" MacBook Pro – 64GB, and so information from the two sources conflicts.

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