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MacBook Pro 16" This Summer, New Mac mini, 40 Core Mac Pro, Faster MacBook Air

In all likelihood, there won't be a Mini LED MacBook Pro 16" this year but (according to a new report) there should still be a first version ARM generation. The coming MacBook Pro should clearly surpass the performance of other M1 Macs, with the new, more capable generation of the M1 chip. Bloomberg claims that the number of cores will increase to 10, that doesn't sound like much at first – but Apple uses 8 performance cores instead of 4 in the current M1.

There should also be a boost in the graphics department. Whereas the current MacBook Pro 13" can draw from 8 GPU cores, the MacBook Pro 16" should have up to 32. Apple is preparing two variants, one with a 16 core GPU basis and one with a 32 core GPU basis. The 16 GB ram limitation of the current M1 laptops will also give way in favour of support for up to 64 GB of RAM – and there'll be more ports. The MacBook Pro 16" with Apple Silicon is expected to arrive this summer.

New Mac mini
Apple wants to give the Mac mini a little more power and is currently working on a project codenamed "J374" in the form of a version with slightly more performance. Bloomberg doesn't make a statement about the release date or whether or not the planned chip for this new variant is the same as the one making its debut inside the MacBook Pro 16". It's only known that the Mac mini will come after the announcement of the MacBook Pro.

40 Core Mac Pro
At the upper end of the performance spectrum is the Mac Pro and with no plans to change this, it will remain so, even during the era of Apple Silicon. The completely new Mac Pro will be available with two different chips, one with 20 CPU cores and one with 40. Bloomberg reiterates that the Mac Pro will have up to 128 GPU cores in the maxed-out configuration, meaning that Apple's likely replaced the previously used high-end AMD GPUs.



Larger iMac Delayed
Apple is currently halting development on a larger version of the iMac, in order to concentrate on the 24" version. This decision was apparently made several months ago, although it's unknown when the successor to the 27" iMac could make its way to the market. The last update concerning the larger iMac was 9 months ago. In August 2020, Apple updated the 27" Mac mini with the highest configurations Core i9 series Intel processors with 10 cores.

MacBook Air With Faster Chip
Apple is also planning an update for the MacBook Air in the form of a chip with 8 cores. This is the same amount as in the M1, but with more power per core. In terms of graphics, the chip should see an increase to 10 cores from the current model's 7 or 8.

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