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MacBook Pro 2021: Charging Problems with MagSafe 3

With the revived MagSafe port in the MacBook Pro 2021, Apple fulfilled a long-cherished wish for many Mac users. The magnetic charging port offers several advantages. It is convenient to use and protects the notebook from damage because it does not fall off the table when the charging cable is accidentally pulled. Furthermore, the new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch display can only be charged via MagSafe 3 with "Fast Charge"; the battery is half-filled in half an hour. On the smaller notebook, this also works via the USB-C port.



MacBook Pro closed: charging does not happen.
However, MagSafe 3 sometimes causes problems, at least on some copies of the larger of the two new notebooks from Cupertino, as Reddit users report. When the power adapter is connected to a turned-off and closed device using the magnetic charging cable, the charging process does not start for the affected owners of a MacBook Pro 2021 with a 16-inch display. The control LED on the plug only lights up briefly in these cases and immediately goes out again. This game then repeats itself again and again, so that the charging process does not start. According to the posts, the problem only occurs when the 140-watt charger is used. Reddit user Trillionaire documented the error with a video.

Apple knows about the problem, but does not have a solution yet.
The cause of this bug not known. Apple support recommended an affected MacBook owner to shut down the device using recovery mode to fix the problem. This initially solved the problem, but after the next normal shutdown, the error occurred again and the charging process did not start. The support department then informed Reddit user Trillionaire that the problem was being investigated. Until a possible solution was found, he should only connect the charging cable when the MacBook Pro was in sleep mode and opened. After that, the device can be shut down without affecting the charging process. Another owner of an affected notebook will receive a replacement device in the near future after a lengthy conversation with a company support employee and the use of special diagnostic software.

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