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MacBook Pro 2021 – SD Card Slot Extremely Fast, But No UHS-III Support

Both variants of the new MacBook Pro don't just come with USB-C/Thunderbolt connections and HDMI ports; Cupertino's newest high-end devices have also witnessed the return of another sorely missed feature of the past – the SD card slot. However, Apple hasn't directly specified which speed classes the new SD card slot supports on its website. Given the specifications listed by cards available on the market, it would be nice to know whether your new MacBook Pro will support the maximum speed of that extra-fast SD card you just paid extra for.

MacBook Pro 2021 SD Card Slot Supports UHS-II & Up To 312 MB/S
Many Apple customers buying a MacBook Pro 14" or 16" will surely use the SD card slot simply as a means of expanding their device's internal SSD. Theoretically, that shouldn't be difficult to do. Apple recently confirmed a Tweet from "The Verge" journalist Dan Seifert. Accordingly, the new SD card slots support the UHS-II standard. The standard allows for data transfer rates of up to 312 megabytes per second, although only when a card with the corresponding specifications is inserted (of course). Such cards are available in a diverse set of capacities ranging from just 64 GB to 256 GB. However, customers should specify the maximal data transfer rate before purchasing, as there can be some differences.



UHS-II Would Be 3x As Fast – Still No Cards
Apple decided not to gift the MacBook Pro 2021 an SD card slot with UHS-III support. The UHS-III standard would provide for speeds up to twice as fast as the longtime UHS-II standard. However, manufacturers have yet to produce any UHS-III standard SD cards. Thus, there's not yet any practical use for a UHS-III SD card slot. UHS-II is more than fast enough for most purposes, including recording 8K videos – meaning that Apple's decision not to support UHS-III certainly makes sense.

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