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MacBook Pro 2021 – Speakers Crackling, Noise Interference For Some Users

The MacBook Pro, presented last fall, with the M1 Pro and M1 Max is an exceptional device and very few of its owners have had anything to complain about. This is normally not the case for the first device in a series, and has frequently developed completely differently in the past. A look at various forums reveals how well fleshed-out the device actually is – there are hardly any complaints of lapses in stability or other such errors. Of course, one and a half years on the market don't rule out the possibility of errors appearing in the future. At least one problem has, however, been reported recently and mentions of it on forums have increased in number.

MacBook Pro 2021 Noise Interference: Crackling & Rushing
The description of the error is reminiscent of a similar issue observable in earlier models of the MacBook Pro. Sometimes when audio is played through the computer's speakers, there's a significant level of noise interference in the form of crackling, sizzling, or hissing. The unwanted background noise only occurs during consistent audio output, such as when music is played. Higher volume intensifies the effect, according to numerous users.



More Than Likely A Software Problem
In several cases, Apple Support attempted to remedy the problem by replacing specific hardware. Despite this, these cases on the forums still complain of the problem continuing. Apple has yet to release an official statement regarding the matter. However, it's more than certain that they're looking into the issue.

Temporary Workaround: Disable "coreaudiod"
The issue is at least temporarily manageable as the guilty software component provoking the issue has been found. To fix the issue, open up the Activity Monitor and search for the process "coreaudiod". Then, select and end the process – this should fix the annoying issue for a while.

Issue Reported Since January 2022
The oldest thread in the Apple Discussions reporting the issue began in January of this year. Since then, hundreds of users have also mentioned the same sound problem. Multiple times, users have reported the issue lapsing following a software update, only for it to return a few weeks later. It can be said for certain that neither macOS 12.2 nor 12.3 have remedied the issue yet.

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