Thursday, Oct 28, 2021, 22:55 Tips & Reports

MacBook Pro 2021 Tip – Prevent Menu Bar From Being Hidden By The Notch

A small detail in Safari had already revealed that Apple would equip the new MacBook Pro with a notch camera. A WebKit crash report revealed the following line of code: [NSScreen _safeAreaFrame:] – a code from iOS referring to "Safe Areas"; or areas uncovered by the iPhone's notch or its rounded edges. Developers can use the code to ensure that essential entries in the menu bar in the black won't disappear behind the notch. Users are still able to access the menu options. However, the notch blocks the view of them.

Scaling Mode – Prevent Hidden Menus
Apple released a support article for the exact problem described above. What should users do when the notch stands in the way of menus? A short set of instructions provides the answer:

1) Close the app or application.
2) Right-click on the app in Finder.
3) Click on "Get info", and you'll see a new checkbox in the pop-up.
5) Click on "Scale to fit below built-in camera".

Once developers have made the appropriate adjustments to adapt their apps to the new MacBook Pro, the "Get info" option will disappear – henceforth to be restricted to "pre-notch era" programs. The available display space decreases ever so slightly after activating the option, and the entire application window moves down. At the same time, the upper region of the screen around the notch turns black.

Check out a video of the feature from Twitter user @Jatodaro here.



There will likely be updates providing complete notch compatibility for programs with active developers in the coming weeks. However, most older apps will still run fine, and there won't be any issues using them with the notch. Apple's provided workaround will work just fine for the few apps from inactive developers with menu options missing either due to or blocked by the notch.

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