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MacBook Pro M2 – The First Impressions, Tests, & Plenty Of Critique

Apple has set the date for the official start of sales for the M2 MacBook Pro for the 25th of June, 2022, at which point shipment will begin and devices will be available in store – for those able to get their hands on them first. In the meantime, Cupertino has provided select press representatives with review copies of the device to provide the public with a look at the product before hand. Now that the blocking period on test copy experience reports has finally passed, reviews are now accessible to the public. In the remainder of this report, we will summarize the most important experience reports so that you can receive as accurate an impression of the product as possible prior to any potential purpose.

Praise For The M2 &... Critique For Pretty Much Everything Else
As expected, nobody considers the MacBook Pro M2 to be exceptionally innovative. The faster chip does indeed impress, despite this, however – the rest of the device still relies on a seemingly very old build concept from 2016, including the controversial touch bar. The Verge doesn't see any reason for users with high performance demands to reach for the new MacBook Pro M2 instead of a MacBook Pro with M1 Pro. Although the M2's performance is better when assessed by solely single-core performance, there are still only four as opposed to eight performance cores, and the M1 Pro's multi-core performance is still significantly better. Thus, the base M2 is indeed faster than the base M1, although not faster than the M1 Pro. An M2 Pro device is yet to be released, leaving those with the need for a little more "oomph" with only one choice: The MacBook Pro with M1 Pro. Several comparative benchmarks can be found below:



MacBook Pro M1 MacBook Pro M2 MacBook Pro M1 Pro
Cinebench Multi 7729 8689 12363
Geekbench Compute 19211 27496 38688
Tomb Raider 20 fps 29 fps 46 fps
Xcode Compile 150 s 132 s 100 s
4K Export 7:09 m 5:38 m 2:50 m

Cnet: Although the MacBook Pro M2 may meet the needs of some customers, the MacBook Air M2 is the better choice for most.

A MacBook Pro Unworthy Of The "Pro"
Engadget is similarly unenthused by the overall package and considers the device to be "Pro" in no more than title. More than anything else, the device is the most confusing in Apple's notebook lineup – especially with in sight of the titling of the renewed MacBook Air M2 and the even more powerful MacBook Pro 14" with M1 Pro. The product is, without a doubt, still a good one, and the M2 is certainly worth its salt in computing power – however, the overall device is still not a recommendable purchase given the other alternatives. The MacBook Air M2 and the MacBook Pro 14" with M1 are clearly the better options.

MacBook Air M2 – A Better Choice
Gizmodo summarizes the matter in terms of the M2 more or less saving an "outdated system" – although the device's performance and battery life is convincing, there are quite a few other things that aren't (720p webcam, fat edges, connections, touch bar, no quad loudspeakers). The notebook is certainly not an attractive offer for the mainstream, and most users would be much better served by a MacBook Air M2.

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