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MacBook Pro, iPad mini & Other Products – Apple Battles Delivery Problems

Disrupted supply chains, the chip shortage, and other factors have represented a considerable challenge for many tech companies. Even many industry giants have had difficulties meeting production demands due to the current crisis on the chip market. Although Apple has still managed to maintain a high production margin since the beginning years of the coronavirus pandemic in comparison to much of its competition. In the meanwhile, however, analysts have begun to show some concern that Cupertino's Christmas business may have suffered some as well. The final answer will be in to tell the true tale this Thursday, when Apple's quarterly results are set to come in.

Customers Will Have To Wait On The MacBook Pro & iPad mini
The new MacBook Pro has been quite positively received and there are plenty of customers lined up to purchase the device – however, purchasers are going to have to be patient. Even standard configurations of the notebook have been met with delivery times of 1-2 weeks in some European countries. If users want any additional upgrades such as a larger SSD or more RAM, However, the situation is a little bit more favorable in the USA, where delivery times are currently 1 week at most for the standard MacBook Pro. Despite the relatively short delivery prognosis for standard variants in the USA, purchasers of upgraded variants of the MacBook Pro will still need to wait until at least the middle of February before getting their hands on their purchases. Some other products have also been affected, particularly in Europe. The iPad mini, which has been available to order since September of last year, won't arrive until this March for customers in most of Europe – regardless of model. Unfortunately, as far as the iPad mini is concerned, things are also looking the same for customers in The Untied States – again, regardless of configuration.



Source: The Apple Online Store

Situation A Little More Relaxed For The iPhone 13
As far as the iPhone 13 is concerned, the current deliver and supply situation is much more favorable. Those looking to purchase a standard iPhone 13 should receive the device by the next day in both Europe and The United States. Things are slightly different for Pro models, the current delivery prognosis on Apple's website states at least 1 week for orders in both The United States and Europe. By the 27th of January, we will know whether or not these delays negatively impacted Apple's sales for this quarter once the quarterly report is released. Interestingly enough, a relatively popular Apple product has made its way back over to the online store: The "Polishing Cloth" is once again available for purchase at a price of US$19.99. Delivery times are 1-2 days for The United States and 1 day for Europe.

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