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MagSafe Instead Of Lightning: Apple Uses New MagSafe iPhone Holders In Stores

Apple tries its best to present and display its devices in the best possible light in its own stores. Especially given the fact that the Cupertino-based company has traditionally placed a great deal of emphasis on factors such as design, it should come as no surprise that Apple's own stores are also subject to this attitude. A good example of this is the way that Apple is now displaying iPhones in its stores. It's not only about the smartphones themselves, but also their attachment to the display table. Apple has recently switched to a MagSafe solution for iPhones.

Stainless Steel MagSafe Adapter
In the last few years, most Apple stores have used small display stands with lightning cable connections. Customers were able to pull handheld devices from the stands to test them out. This was then followed by a large white platform to which multiple iPhones were connected via lightning cable connections. However, since Apple tends to prefer more elegant design solutions, the company has recently begun to display iPhones in a new manner: with stainless steel MagSafe adapters.

The new MagSafe device holders. Source: 9to5mac

Advantages Of The New Device Holders
The MagSafe connection on the back of the iPhone 12 is one of the smartphone's exclusive features. Compatible charging adapters can be magnetically attached to the respective model. Apple is using the new mounting system in its own stores to let customers quickly pick up and try out the devices. Whereas previous devices could be damaged due to the connection/disconnection of lightning cables to or from the port, there's no risk of damage or overuse with MagSafe. The MagSafe system is also less finicky than the lightning method, as users don't have to fumble around trying to plug a cable into a small opening.



Only For iPhone 12
Apple is utilizing the new MagSafe device holder in more and more Apple stores. The stainless steel design is only for use in Apple stores and thus not for purchase by customers. Because only the current iPhone generation supports MagSafe, Apple only uses the magnetic display holder for the iPhone 12's 4 different models. Older devices are still connected via lightning cable.

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