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Man In New York Purchases 300 iPhones... & Then Gets Robbed

Normally, Apple's retail stores invite customers to stay a while: With a wide range of so-called "sessions", the store helps new customers set up their devices and answer questions concerning select apps or features. Interested customers can also test out the company's products and direct any further questions to the store's sales employees when necessary. Some customers, however, already know exactly which device (or devices) they want: This was exactly the case for a man, who purchased 300 iPhones during the night of the 27th to the 28th of November, only to get robbed shortly thereafter.

300 iPhones In 3 Bags
Purchases in the Apple Store often involve a 4-digit charge at the cash register. As per 1010Wins, a 27-year-old customer turned his wallet inside out to buy 300 iPhones at the counter of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York. The smartphones were all iPhone 13 models, as Apple has decided to retain the previous generation in the current product lineup so that an additional, more affordable model could be offered alongside the iPhone SE. The customer placed the devices in three bags and made his way to his car around 1:45 A.M. EST. According to the report, a car then stopped next to him with two men exiting the vehicle and demanding that the victim hand over his bags. The victim defended himself and the suspects hit him in the face, escaping with one of the bags.



125 iPhones Stolen
The suspects managed to snatch 125 iPhones, totalling US$95,000 in value. According to statements from the police, the victim performed the entire purchase in the Apple Store for resale via his small company. The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue is open 24/7, making a visit at the time of the victim's presence in the store not entirely unusual. It's unclear whether or not the suspects had observed the 27-year-old prior to the crime. The victim is not seriously injured and the NYPD is investigating the matter.

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