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Microsoft Continues Unscientific Campaign – iPad Pro Next Up After MacBook Pro

At the moment, Microsoft and Intel have a mutual enemy to set their sights on – Apple. As we all saw "learned" during recent Intel campaigns, an Intel-based PC is "superior" to any M1 Mac in "any aspect". In Intel's own self-portrayal, the company's products exceed the M1 Macs in terms of performance, efficiency, the number of ports, and gaming. Now, the last point is a fair one, gaming has never been Mac's intended purpose... and the same applies to the previous non-M1, Intel-based Macs. On the other hand, Microsoft is currently advertising the Surface Pro and for obvious reasons, not doing its best to cast any good light on the M1 Macs.

After Microsoft's rather sloping comparison of the Surface Pro and MacBook Pro (which, according to Microsoft, came up short in almost every regard), it's now time for the iPad Pro to get the same treatment. If anyone's on the edge of their seats about the outcome of this new upcoming comparison from Microsoft, they shouldn't be – the outcome is going to be just the same as the last: unscientific.



Time For The iPad Pro
Whereas Microsoft had been previously focusing on Apple's notebooks' (Air/Pro) inability to be used as a tablet (a class of product which... the two devices aren't), they're now trying to make the iPad Pro look like a bad product for not being a notebook! Microsoft perhaps scores at least one wound in this regard, as Apple does advertise the iPad Pro as a productivity device capable of keeping up with normal computers. Thus, the comparisons are not entirely as far fetched as in the case of the last comparison between the Surface Pro and MacBook Pro.

The Arguments
Microsoft's first argument for the Surface Pro: The iPad Pro falls over when you set it on a table... whereas the Surface Pro has a holder that comes with it, as opposed to the iPad's Magic Keyboard. The more relevant argument here seems to be that the Surface Pro with keyboard is lighter than the iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard. As expected, Microsoft also attacks the iPad Pro's number of ports, as it has only one. The smart connector isn't mentioned. Microsoft is correct in stating that the Surface Pro is both a tablet and a notebook. However, the company leaves open what one could do with a Surface Pro that's not doable on an iPad Pro...

The Price Question Again
At first glance, the price difference between the Surface Pro (USD$880) vs. the iPad Pro (USD$1348) is horrendous. However, this is only at first glance. Microsoft compares the Surface Pro base model with an iPad Pro 12.9" with 128GB of memory and Apple's additional keyboard accessory. However, the Surface Pro's Core i3 is hopelessly outclassed in comparison to the iPad Pro's A12Z.

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