Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021, 13:26 Hardware

Microsoft Takes Aim At The MacBook Pro In A New Ad – With Some Odd Arguments

Since release, the new M1 Macs have dominated discussions in the tech world, with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13" achieving especially high praise. This presents difficulties to other notebook manufacturers, whose products have received relatively little interest as a result. This also applies to Microsoft's Surface line – particularly the 2019 "Surface Pro 7" tablet-notebook hybrid. In hopes of turning consumer attention back to their products, Microsoft has released a new ad attempting to present the Intel-based Surface Pro 7 in a better light than the new MacBook Pro 13".

Argument 1: No Touchscreen
In defense of the Surface Pro 7, Microsoft returns to an old argument – one that's been heard for years in identical form. The Surface Pro 7's advantage over the MacBook Pro is its touchscreen and the fact that it comes with a complimentary stylus, whereas the MacBook Pro's only touch-compatible feature is the TouchBar.



Argument 2: The MacBook Pro's Keyboard Can't Be Removed
As a hybrid device, the Surface Pro's keyboard and display can be easily detached from one another. Microsoft compares this to the MacBook Pro's fixed design, which is that of a laptop – where all parts are firmly attached. Whether or not this is an entirely logical argument to make is up for debate, given that both products satisfy two separate categories (Laptop vs. Notebook-Tablet Hybrid). Moreover, those looking for a device from Apple with a detachable display and keyboard can simply purchase the iPad Pro with an external keyboard, for a similar price.

Argument 3: Computing Power
The ad gets a little harder to follow towards the end for those in the know. Microsoft praises the performance of the Surface Pro, alleging that this makes it a better gaming device than the MacBook Pro. Although the first two arguments in Microsoft's ad could be considered valid, it appears as if Microsoft decided to pull this specific argument out of thin air. The MacBook Pro, with almost double the computing power, absolutely obliterated all Surface Pro models during benchmark testing (Geekbench Multicore Values: 7.686 vs. 4.079). Although the Surface Pro may be a better gaming device, that would be thanks to more games being available on Windows than macOS and is in no way due to the "superior" computing power of the Surface Pro.

Argument 4: Pricing
Microsoft ends their ad with the following price comparison: The Surface Pro is now available for only $890 (USD), after a reduction in price from $1130 (USD), whereas the MacBookPro 13" costs $1299 (USD). For those looking for an even cheaper Surface Pro, the base model with an i3 processor is available for $749 (USD) – and 1/4th of the computing power of a MacBook Pro.

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