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More Changes In The iOS 15 Beta – Improvements To Mail App, Legacy Contacts, & More

With iOS and iPadOS 15.2, users can expect a package containing much more than the usual bug-fixes. Apple has reworked the notification overview and added a data protection report to the system's settings which will provide a detailed summary of what information various apps have access to and how often it is accessed. With the newly released second beta build, several other new features are also pushing their way to the front of the line.

Hiding Email Addresses Directly Via The Mail App
The ability for users to hide their own email addresses is nothing new, subscribers to iCloud+ can already set up throwaway email addresses that automatically forward email to the primary address. However, the set up process isn't entirely intuitive. Users have to access the system settings first, before configuring the feature under "iCloud". Alternatively, aliases can be created via "Log in with Apple ID". With iOS/iPadOS 15.2, Apple is making major improvements to its mail app. Should users tap on the "From" field, they'll be given the option to choose between several throwaway email addresses.



Source: zollotech on YouTube

"Legacy Contacts" – Discover Nearby AirTags
Over the last few weeks, indications that Apple plans to introduce a feature called "Legacy Contacts" have increased considerably. This coming software update will introduce the feature officially, meaning; users will now have the ability to manage their digital inheritance in the event of untimely demise. Users will be able to choose other users as "digital guarantors", who will receive access to portions of the deceased user's device and data. Additionally, Apple has updated the "Find My" app to combat stalking or other such criminal activity via the use of AirTags. The "Find My" app will now be able to discover nearby AirTags not paired to the user's device or account. This way, it won't be possible for a stranger to attach an AirTag to or put an AirTag inside an article of someone else's clothing, bag, or vehicle to then track their location.

TV App Improved – iMessage "Communication Safety" Features
Apple's "TV" app has received a few improvements on the iPad. A new sidebar feature has been added to improve navigation of the app and the new "Store" category allows users to purchase series and films without any detours. The new category is also available on iPhone. Parents are now also able to set up warnings for children who use iMessage. In the event that the children send or receive any photos with disturbing content, the parents will first be notified before the process is completed.

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