Thursday, Sep 30, 2021, 19:10 Mac: Hardware

More Clues Point To Next MacBook Pro 16" Nearing Release – 96W Chargers Soldout

At the moment, many manufacturers are dealing with supply delivery bottlenecks due to the worldwide chip shortage. Although the chip world made up of a complex set of suppliers has arduously begun to resume operations since corona, the entire industry is still facing difficulties. The recent and surprising finding that Apple isn't currently delivering 96-watt chargers (the current wait is 2-3 months for the delivery of a 96-watt charger purchased on Apple's site) could be a result of the aforementioned situation. However, the timing is more than suspicious and those familiar with the "Apple world" and the general pattern before the release of a new product likely already know what to expect. In the first few weeks before the release of a new product, Apple often lets products sell out, after which, neither 3rd party suppliers nor Apple stores are restocked.

Longer Delivery Times For The Current MacBook Pro As Well
Barely anyone doubts that Apple is going to release the highly anticipated MacBook Pro M1X soon. The follow-up to the current 16" Intel MacBook Pro will keep the same display size (16 inches) and the smaller variant of the MacBook Pro (currently 13 inches) will grow to a display size of 14". The delivery situation for current models is quite tense at the moment, with most standard configurations not available until at least halfway through October and some upgraded variants requiring an additional 2 weeks after that.



96-Watt Charger Currently Sold Out
The delivery situation is even more drastic for the MacBook Pro's 96-watt charger and Apple's Online Store currently provides a delivery forecast of 2-3 months for the product – in other words, it's entirely sold out and won't be available again for quite some time. Those who place an order now without any access to available stock may not ever receive their order – only exchange of defective power adapters can be guaranteed. There's still no word yet as to what kind of charger Apple plans to use for the M1X based models of the MacBook Pro. There have been entries made into the well-known regulatory product databank for a new 14" and 16" MacBook Pro, however, they are without exact specifications.

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