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More Details About The New MagSafe Battery Pack

Without announcement, Apple released a new product – an external battery for all models of the iPhone 12, slickly named the "MagSafe Battery Pack". The battery includes several useful features, including support for reverse charging (just like a docked iPhone), which allows both the phone and battery to be charged at the same time. There are currently some ambiguities as to the battery's actual capacity. A picture of the product on Apple's own website indicates a capacity of 1460 mAh, however, it's possible that the product could contain two cells – with each containing the aforementioned capacity. Meanwhile, other details concerning compatibility with other MagSafe accessories and iPhones other than the iPhone 12 have slipped through the cracks.

One Size For All Phones
The new battery pack comes in the same shape and size for all offshoots of the iPhone 12. This means that there's no difference between a MagSafe Battery Pack compatible with an iPhone 12 mini and one compatible with an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

To the left, an iPhone 12 mini equipped with a MagSafe Battery Pack, to the right, an iPhone 12 Pro Max equipped with a MagSafe Battery Pack for comparison.

The battery pack doesn't need to be laid directly on the iPhone. For example, using the battery pack in combination with a MagSafe case won't cause any problems. However, Apple does warn that the product could potentially leave imprints on leather cases. This won't cause any problems with the case's functionality but could be deemed unsightly by some users.

Reverse Charging With iPhone & Battery Pack
If attached to the back of the iPhone, the battery can also be charged per lightning cable. It doesn't matter if the user attaches the cable to the iPhone or battery pack – thanks to reverse charging, doing either will charge the battery and then the iPhone or vice versa. This makes the new product incredibly practical for everyday usage, for example, a cable connection to the user's Mac or car isn't interrupted. If both devices are in need of charging, then the iPhone will take precedence and as soon as it reaches 80% charge, the battery will begin charging as well. The battery supplies the iPhone with 5 watts of charging power.



The front and back of the MagSafe Battery Pack respectively.

Full Reverse Charging Needs To Be Initiated By User
If the iPhone gets too warm while charging in combination with a battery pack, there are certain mechanisms in case to protect the device. For example, in such cases, the battery stops charging once it has reached 80% and users are recommended to search out a cooler location. However, even when the device isn't exposed to too much heat, it sometimes reaches a stopping point at 90% charge. In order to prevent this, users will need to head to the Control Center, tap on Low Power Mode, and then they'll receive the option to continue charging. In order to see the battery pack's current charge, the good old widget will be of service:

Compatibility With Older Devices
Although the device is designed for usage with the iPhone 12, it can work with the iPhone 11 – thanks to Qi-charging. However, the "MagSafe" portion of the battery pack doesn't always properly adhere to the back of the phone and additionally, iOS 14.7 is a requirement for the battery pack. iOS 14.7 will release for all users shortly.

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