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More Reports: Will The iMac Pro Release Soon? & Apple's Display Plans

Although there has rarely been new Apple hardware in the months of January and February in the past, things could get exciting again come March next year. According to a new report, Apple is planning to release revive the iMac Pro. The normally quite well-informed Ross Young indicates that the start of sales is planned for the spring of 2022. Given Apple's usual product cycle's course, there are two likely points in time. On the first hand, an event in April or May, on the second hand – at 2022's WWDC in June. An announcement via press release seems less likely.

Only A 27" Display – Not 32"?
Young disagrees with one up until now commonly agreed upon detail concerning the next iMac Pro. Although multiple other sources have stated that the device should have a 30" or even 32" display, Young doesn't expect the screen dimensions to change at all. However, he's in agreement with a number of other details agreed upon by most leakers – for example, many of the device's technological aspects. Mini LED and a refresh rate of 120 Hz are almost considered to be guaranteed. What is noteworthy about most leakers' descriptions of the next model's exterior housing is that the device's dimensions only seem to change by a few inches from the standard iMac M1 in most cases. This points to more of the changes being internal and determined by the processor as opposed to external.



"Pro" Because Of The Pro Chips
The upcoming iMac Pro will carry the "Pro" suffix as per the type of processor used, likely to be either Cupertino's new M1 Pro and M1 Max Apple Silicon processors as with the MacBook Pro, or some sort of variant thereof. Results with the current MacBook Pro already show how such chips would propel the iMac Pro to the head of the Apple pack and even most the list of most desktop computers in terms of performance. This would apply even if the desktop's chips carried the same frequency as their notebook counterparts. Additionally, the product palette will be a little more colorful once the iMac Pro receives its M1 treatment upgrade and there will be more clarity when there's a consistent difference between "Pro" and "non-Pro" devices.

Apple's Display Plans For 2023 & Later
Young has also once again expressed his opinion concerning Apple's display plans. He alleges that Apple plans to implement OLED in more devices than just the iPhone within the next few years. However, it could take up until 2023 until we are get to see an OLED MacBook – and the same goes for the iPad. Although the longterm goal is to eventually use micro LED, until then, the importance of OLED will increase.

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