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More Signs Point Towards A New iMac – 512GB & 1TB Models Removed From Store

The end of 2020 saw the release of the first Apple Silicon-equipped Macs – and boy have they caused quite the stir. Not only has the release of the new computers (and chips) managed to infuriate Apple's former production partner, Intel, they've also received praise from countless tech journals and even AMD's CEO. Thanks to the new chip's efficiency, the devices come with greatly improved battery life and CPU performance across the board. The new M1 Macs are so superior that they are still making Intel nervous, a bit like the kid who loses the match yet about brags about his performance to his teammates at the end of the game in the locker room.

Intel has good reason to be nervous, the only Macs to receive the M1 treatment thus far are the introductory models, which, when compared to Apple's higher-end models, have historically been technologically inferior machines equipped with weaker CPUs. The only issue now is that the current introductory model machines from Apple with the new M1 chip are holding up (or even outpacing) some of Apple's current extremely high-end machines with Intel processors and no M1. This means that once the even better M1s for Apple's higher-end machines, like the MacBook Pro 16", iMac, and Mac Pro, are released, they'll be equipped with even more powerful M1 processors, leaving Intel even more room to worry. According to rumors, the MacBook Pro 16" should also receive the M1 treatment this year, although it might take a little longer until the Mac Pro sees its first M1 chip.



Removed Without Replacement
By the end of February, it was already impossible to order a 512GB or 1TB 21.5" iMac in the Online Apple Store. Attempts to do so were met with a notification stating that the selected configuration was unavailable. Such delivery complications have been known to occur in the past, but this time Apple's entirely removed the options from the store, which points to something bigger than a simple delay to deliveries.

The 21.5" iMac is now only available with a 256GB SSD or a 1TB Fusion Drive. The two former SSD configurations have been removed. The 27" iMac is still available with all configuration options.

A New iMac On The Way?
In the past, the removal of configuration options has served as an indication of imminent changes or updates coming to a product. Rumors have now been circling that Apple is no longer planning an event for the end of this month and has changed the date to April. It's possible that Apple plans to announce an updated iMac product line at the upcoming event, thus the changes to the current configuration options. Current rumors involve iMacs with 24" and 30" displays, with in-house chips equipped with more CPU and GPU cores than the M1 chip found in the debut M1 Macs.

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