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More WWDC Announcements: New Memojis & 3rd Party "Screentime" API

Although Apple would always introduce new emojis during WWDC Keynotes of the past, the new configurable and animatable memojis didn't take the centre stage yesterday. iOS 15 comes with a plethora of new features for emojis which adding a playful individual touch to iMessage and FaceTime chats – especially when it comes to outfit options. iOS/iPadOS 15 users have over 40 additional styling and clothing options that users can use to customise their personal memojis to their preference. In addition, there's a new API for third-party developers.

More Customizable Memojis
The new fashion options even include head coverings and other outfits which users have at their disposal in order to customize their personal memoji's mood, style, or even something as banal as the time of year (seasonal clothing). Different colours are available for hats and beanies. In addition, multiple glasses have been added in retro or star shape.



Source: MacRumors

Memoji stickers allow for new means of communication, all the way from facial expressions to body language. There have been 9 new variants added to stickers and even things like hearing and oxygen aids to represent people with disabilities.

"Screentime" API For Developers
In the near future, Apple will release the "Screentime" function's API available to 3rd parties. This means that developers of parental control apps will have the option to integrate corresponding tools from Apple's Screentime function into their own apps to expand upon functions. The new API is available on iOS/iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey. Software developers can make apps for parents to monitor the usage behaviour of their children.

Apple's "Screentime" already has a few features but 3rd parties could further expand upon them – giving parents more options. Apple also stresses the strict privacy requirements of the feature and the fact that users' privacy would also take first place in the case of a Screentime API.

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