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New Apple Hardware: Test Devices For Select Media Outlets?

Whenever Apple releases new hardware, there are often new test reports within the same week, or often even on the same day. The reason for this is that Apple supplies select media outlets and YouTubers with early access to the hardware. However, Apple strictly forbids any reviewing or release of information concerning the product before a chosen period, immediately after which reports are allowed to be released. In the past, The Wall Street Journal and Verge were counted amongst other large international sites with early access to test products – however, in the last few years, Apple has begun to rely increasingly on influencers with a large social media presence.

Next Hardware Loan On The Way
Of course, Apple pays attention to who they give review copies of their products to. The company isn't going to deliver copies to individuals or organisations that will trash the products in reviews for one reason or another. Just as any other company, Apple wants the earliest reviews of its products to be as positive as possible. Recently, the company has placed new emphasis on presenting "cooperative media sources" with one or more offers. This statement comes from DuanRui, who has been collecting information from Chinese sources for quite some time. There's currently no exact date, but his tweets state that something is coming "soon". As far as these allegations are concerned, if true, they provide even further indication of new hardware being on the way.



iPad Pro? AirTags? 24" iMac?
There's still a great deal of excitement as to whether Apple is planning to send out invitations for an event in April, or opting for a press release instead. The announcement of a new generation of iPad Pro with the A14X chip is almost certain, although the new smart keychain "AirTags" are also a likely contender. It's a little less clear what's going on with the iMac, however. It looks as if the 21.5" model is going to be replaced, whereas the larger variant (with a display of up to 32") looks as if it's going to see a later release. The advanced press round for the 16" MacBook Pro's last update took place in the form of a small event at Apple HQ in Cupertino – however, this is now out of the question for the near future due to concerns about the virus. Even an iMac demonstration could still be possible with shipping methods and could even set the first ARM iMacs in the hands of external testers.

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