Wednesday, Jun 02, 2021, 14:16 Software

New Apple OS at WWDC? Description Mentions New "homeOS"

Even though Apple's operating systems are technically closely related, Apple always adapts macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS to the respective device category. On the one hand, this naturally affects the graphical user interface, but on the other hand, various adjustments under the hood. For example, Apple switched the HomePod from iOS to tvOS a bit more than a year ago, since the systems of the TV box as well as the HomePod are used in similar environments. Now it seems to have leaked out that Apple wants to name a sixth operating system - according to several descriptions, a "homeOS" could be planned.

Once again, fine print speaks volumes
Already in the past, such innovations were leaked through small print or job postings. For example, one could learn in advance the renaming of OS X in macOS, tvOS revealed itself as an entry on trademark documents. Should a "homeOS" actually appear now, as Apple explicitly mentions it in a description, it should be a system for the entire context of the "smart home". Certainly, the HomePod or HomePod mini is the obvious device, but HomeKit-compatible accessories could also benefit.



Will audioOS finally become a full-fledged system?
For the announcement of a new system, the World Wide Developers Conference is a suitable occasion - operating systems are one of the most important points there anyway, homeOS would therefore be thematically well placed. Until now, Apple referred to the HomePod system internally as audioOS or externally simply as "HomePod Software". The app management does not work via SpringBoard, but SoundBoard. Unfortunately, further details do not emerge from the job description. Apple only points out that homeOS is one of the "mobile" platforms alongside iOS, watchOS and tvOS. The said job offer from May 25th is aimed at developers who would like to work in Apple's music team.

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