Tuesday, Dec 14, 2021, 14:00 iOS: Software

New Concept Video Of iOS 16 – Multitasking, Interactive Widgets, & Much More

Many found the announcement of iOS 15 to be a little bit disappointing. Apart from Focus Mode, SharePlay, and several other practical new features, some users expected slightly more from this year's WWDC iOS presentation. French designer Kevin Kal (also known as "Hacker 34") has now shared his work in the form of a concept for the next big version of iOS – with the result readily available for viewing on YouTube. Some of the features in the concept actually suit the iPhone quite well.

Multitasking On The iPhone & Improved Control Center
Kal took some ideas which have already been in use on the iPad for quite a while and added them to his concept video of iOS 16. For example, Split View and Slide Over show how real multitasking could be integrated into the iPhone. Kal's concept uses a new dock to implement the feature, which can be moved to the side and hidden from view similarly to on the Mac. In this manner, apps can be moved to the top or bottom of the screen for viewing in Split Screen mode. The control center has also been redesigned, and in the concept, it's possible to quickly revoke an app's access to the iPhone's camera or microphone. The Wallet app also received some upgrades and supports cryptocurrency trading. Kal even showed how an annoying feature in Low Power Mode could be improved – accordingly, users would no longer be notified to activate the feature should their device fall below 20% charge.



Source: Hacker 34 via YouTube

Interactive Widgets & New Icons
The iPhone has had access to widgets via the home screen since iOS 14, however, it's not possible to interact with them directly. For example, the email widget shows users their mailbox but doesn't allow for scrolling. The concept changes things around here and provides the useful tools with far more dynamism. Widgets can also be placed anywhere on the home screen in the concept.

Additionally new is an "always-on display" with useful information such as stuck indices and weather information. The two buttons at the bottom edge of the lock screen are no longer reserved for the camera and flashlight exclusively. Icon packs also allow users to change the icons of standard iOS apps, thus providing users with more individual customization options.

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