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New Features for Apple Maps: Speed Trap & Accident Warnings

No more than a few years ago, Maps was considered to be somewhat of a half-baked joke, with black comedy reports of the GPS software for iOS leading users to the edge of cliffs or onto non-existent roads. Since then, the app has been greatly improved and has been constantly being enriched with more and more features. For example, Maps is now capable of showing public transportation routes in most cities; the Flyover feature breathes life into the aerial overview of cities, presenting a simulated 3D plastic-looking model; and lane guidance shows a white arrow with the direction of the next-nearest upcoming path or turn on the user's route (as well as representing all other lanes with greyed-out arrows).

Easy Reporting Of Hazards & Speed Traps
As reported by MacRumors, there are several new and practical features coming to iOS 14.5. In iOS 14.5, when a route is entered into the app, Siri will inform the user about the ability to report accidents, other hazards, and speed traps. It's relatively easy to do so, you simply have to swipe up on the lower menu and choose between one of the three events. After selecting one of the actions, the app will then automatically locate the user's current position and transmit this information – further action on the part of the user isn't necessary. Afterward, other users can see the reported event on their map and will be warned while driving.



Source: MacRumors

Currently Only Available For Select Users In The USA
According to MacRumors, reports could also be made verbally with Siri and CarPlay's expanded user interface also takes the new features into account. Map-apps available in the App Store often rely on data reported or input by their users, take for example the popular app "Waze". Currently, Map's new features will only be available for users in the USA. Whether or not the new features will eventually make their way across the Atlantic to the other side of the world with the final release of iOS 14.5 is unknown. In Germany, for example, such apps are illegal.

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