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New HomePod Coming? – Black HomePod No Longer Available In The US (Update: HomePod Is Cancelled)

The HomePod was first released over three and a half years ago. Apple announced the quasi-"smart-speaker" product at the World Wide Developer's Conference in 2018 and with a few delays, sales began in February of the same year. The products remained the same for several years, apart from a slight price drop, until the release of the HomePod mini last autumn. The HomePod mini turned out to be a success, successfully targeting customers for whom the HomePod was too expensive.

Black HomePod: Unavailable
There are indications that Apple is planning an update to the HomePod for the first time since the product's release: The black version of the HomePod is no longer available in the Apple Online Store. Should users attempt to purchase the darker HomePod variant, they'll be met with an inactive continue button. However, the menus function as normal for the white copy – which is still purchasable. Although this may very well mean nothing, it is an interesting occurrence if for no more than the rumors that Apple is planning an event at the end of the month – which does make the timing suspicious, especially given that something similar just happened with respects to the iMac Pro.



No Rumors About A 2nd HomePod
Despite this interesting and somewhat suspicious occurrence, there are no rumors concerning the release or announcement of an update to the HomePod's lineup. Although the rumor-mill was unusually quiet prior to the HomePod mini's release, there's been absolutely nothing to be heard about a HomePod 2. Every now and then the question, whether or not Apple is even still interested in the US$299 speaker, gets thrown about. However, the HomePod mini has shown that there's potential to be had in the lower price class.

Update Apple did clarify now: The original HomePod is cancelled altogether, only the HomePod mini will be offered from now on.

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