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New Leaks – Will There Be A Foldable iPhone? Source States Apple Is Exercising Restraint

Well-known Apple leaker DylanDKT has been very busy of late. He has sorted for quite the discussion on Twitter with his recent leaks concerning the iPhone SE and iPhone 14. The first of which might receive a new design by 2024, according to DylanDKT. With the upcoming model, Apple should also add some technical improvements and support for 5G. According to his sources, the Pro variant of the iPhone 14 will come with a pill-shaped punch hole instead of the infamous front-facing camera "notch". Now, the iPhone leaker is also issuing a new statement concerning foldable smartphones from Cupertino – Apple is apparently approaching the matter with more reserve than previously.

DylanDKT: Apple "Exploring" The Situation
In a recent Twitter thread, DylanDKT declared that Apple is still working on a prototype with a foldable display, however, the technology still requires many compromises and is not perfect. There's also some uncertainty at Apple as to whether the foldable smartphone trend is coming to an end or not. It could be that by the time that Apple has finished fully developing the technology, there's no longer any interest for it on the market. The company wants to observe the market a little bit more closely for now to avoid some of the mistakes of its competitors. Apple also wouldn't consider the form factor of a foldable iPhone to be a step backwards. Apple is interested in the long term development of the technology, according to the leaker – however, other manufacturers have taken a different approach concerning this matter.



Other Leakers Corroborate Claims Concerning A "Foldable" iPhone
DylanDKT isn't the only leaker or analyst to have reported of foldable iPhone prototypes in Cupertino. Ming-Chi Kuo has also explained that he believes there could even be a physical product by 2024, based on the direction of the development's current progress – and Apple would emerge as the biggest winner of the trend. Ross Young has also offered up a similar forecast: the presentation of such an iPhone would be possible by 2023, although it is much likelier take place in 2024. "Foldables" are found quite easily on the Android market. Current manufacturers of foldable smartphones include those such as Microsoft, Motorola, and Huawei.

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