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New Lower Price: AppleCare+ Price Reduced For M1 MacBook Pro & MacBook Air Models

Those planning to get themselves a new Mac should perhaps consider getting themselves AppleCare+ to protect their shiny new Mac computer. Should anything break or go wrong with the device within the first 36 months of ownership with AppleCare+ (including the first 12 months of free warranty) and Apple will fix it for free. Apple will even repair or replace the device if it is dropped on the ground (something which a normal warranty wouldn't cover) – but only twice per year and the customer may have to pay anything from US$99-US$259 according to damages. If a Mac is still undamaged within 60 days of purchase, then the owner is still eligible to ensure the device with AppleCare+.

US$20 Off Of M1 MacBook Pro AppleCare+ Package
Apple has just decreased the price of AppleCare+ for the 13" M1 MacBook Pro. In The United States' Apple Online Store the 13" M1 MacBook Pro's AppleCare+ page currently states "New Lower Price" with a price tag of US$249 and US20$ down from the previous price tag of US$269. For purchasers of the 13" Intel variant of the current MacBook Pro, the price of AppleCare+ is still US$269.



US$50 Price Drop For MacBook Air AppleCare+ Package
After releasing the MacBook Air with M1, Apple cut the Intel variant of the MacBook Air from the current notebook lineup – it's only purchasable second hand from dealers now. With the MacBook Air, Apple has reduced the price of AppleCare+ even further than for the MacBook Pro with M1. On the Apple Online Store in the US, the price of AppleCare+ for the MacBook Air is now US$199 instead of the previous US$249. Unlike in the case of the current MacBook Pro, Intel MacBook Airs are technically still eligible for the reduced AppleCare+ package's price. Given that Apple already took the Intel variant of the MacBook Air out of commission half a year ago, and there are only very few left, it likely made no sense to exclude them from the reduced package price.

Refund Possible For Customers Who Paid Full Price
For those who purchased an AppleCare+ package with an eligible MacBook Pro or MacBook Air prior to the recent price change, it may be possible to get some money back. Several customers on social media have reported that they've been able to get a refund for the reduced price of AppleCare+ with an eligible MacBook Pro or Air purchased shortly before the recent price change. However, there's no official guideline concerning the matter and customers will have to contact Apple Support in order to plead their case – so in the eventuality that you do contact support, make sure to be friendly as they don't have to give you a refund.

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