Friday, Jan 27, 2023, 23:33 Hardware

New Mac Pro – Not Likely Very To Be Expandable, No eGPU Support

There are many indications that 2023's Mac Pro will possess some clear differences from the current model. This doesn't only apply to the device's exterior, as the most recent reports also indicate that Apple will should no more than barely adapt the device's housing. There were indeed rumors that a smaller cube would also be released alongside a larger tower. However, the latter role is limited to the Mac Studio. Of course, the next Mac Pro's interior will be considerably different from that of any previous model. 2023's variant will be the first tower Mac with an Apple Silicon chip, marking the end of reliance on Intel architecture once and for all. Recently, Mark Gurman commented on the upcoming device again, revealing yet another consequence of the new architecture.

No Upgradeable GPU – Also No Support For eGPUs
Whereas the 2019 Mac Pro was pushed as a "modular" concept, the ARM-based Mac Pro is headed in an entirely different direction. CPU and GPU upgrades aren't possible due to the chip design, and the same applies to RAM upgrades. Gurman also confirms another fear of many of those who have followed the device's development in a further post – external graphics cards, or eGPUs, will be unsupported by the M2 Ultra, just as with all other Apple chips. Mac Pro customers will thus have to think multiple years into the future with each purchase, and won't be able to rely on adding more performance to their device post-purchase.



2 Other SSD Slots
There will be support for users to upgrade only one standard component – the SSD. 2 free SSD slots will allow users to add onto the factory-assembled SSD via further modules. This would differentiate the upcoming Mac Pro from all other current Apple Silicon devices (M1/2 Macs), including the Mac Studio. It's also possible that the upcoming Mac Pro will support additional cards such as PCI-e.

Better Cooling For More M2 Performance
According to multiple reports, plans for the previously expected "M2 Extreme" chip have been scrapped. However, the Mac Pro with M2 Ultra's performance should considerably surpass that of any other Mac – even if the Mac Studio does still possess the same chip. The reason: The Mac Pro should possess a much more capable cooling system, allowing Apple to equip the M2 Ultra-equipped Mac Pro with a much higher clock-rate – as the tower will possess more space for cooling.

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