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New Mac mini M1 Affected By Pink Pixels – Apple Working On A Solution

Owners of a new Mac mini M1 can count themselves lucky, the new hardware is available for a reasonable price with impressive performance. The compact "desktop" computer's design necessitates an external display. However, some monitors show display errors when connected – Apple is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. Until then, the company has released a workaround.

Apple Heading An Investigation
Whether in Apple's Support Forum, on Reddit, or on our German partner's community, owners of the new Mac mini have been complaining of pink-coloured rectangles and pixels popping up on the screens of their external monitors after connecting them to the Mac mini. The issue wasn't fixed with macOS 11.2.1 although the error appeared right after the release of the Mac mini. What's striking is that the error is more common amongst displays connected via HDMI than via Thunderbolt. For displays connected via Thunderbolt, there are far fewer complaints. As reported by MacRumors, Apple has informed authorized service partners that they are now attending to this very issue in an internal memo.



Source: @FatihVidyograf via twitter

Apple Recommends Workaround
The memo was released on February 19th and it's assumed that Cupertino will be addressing the problem with macOS 11.3. However, the current beta doesn't appear to offer any improvement to the issue. In the meantime: Apple has described a workaround to fix the issue: Affected users should put their computer to sleep and then wait 2 minutes before activating the computer again. Apple also recommends disconnecting and then reconnecting the display with the Mac, as well as confirming that the desktop resolution is adapted to the display in System Settings. Should the problem reoccur after a fresh start, then the same steps should be performed again.

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