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New Mac mini Released – M2 Pro & More Affordable Price

Ever since its first generation, the Mac mini's release cycles have been relatively long in comparison to those of other Apple products. At times, there was such a gap between generations that serious doubt arose as to whether or not the model would receive a new series at all. Although it might feel like yesterday, it's 2 years have already passed since the release of the original Mac mini M1, which entered into the light of the tech world in November 2020. However, a successor was always certain – and it has now arrived. Although the smallest Mac certainly wasn't lacking in computing power, 2023's iteration comes with an extra punch.

Hardware & Equipment
The M1 was succeeded by the M2 chip – logically. The same applies to the Mac mini's chip – with the most recent iteration carrying 2 versions of the M2 and another version an M2 Pro. There are now 3 models available to choose from in the Apple Store.



A Known Design
One aspect of the device has remained entirely unchanged – contrary to everyone's expectations. The Mac mini continues to rely on the tried and true design of its earlier Intel days. The switch to the device's flat housing took place in 2010 – and for more than 12 years now, nothing has changed apart from the small desktop's interior. This is very uncommon for Apple products, even though the device's still visual appearance isn't old-fashioned.

During its last hardware release, Apple salted the wounds of many Europeans suffered as a result of increased prices – largely due to current exchange rates. Meanwhile, things have calmed down slightly (€1 is now worth US$1.08, instead of 99¢) – and it seems as if Cupertino has adjusted prices accordingly.

The Models
In total, there are now 3 different basic configurations of the Mac mini available for purchase in the Apple Online Store:

Mac mini M2 BasicMac mini M2Mac mini M2 Pro
Processor8-Core M28-Core M210-Core M2 Pro
Graphic Chip10 Cores10 Cores16 Cores
Neural Engine16 Cores16 Cores16 Cores
SSD256 GB512 GB512 GB
Connections2x Thunderbolt 4, 2x USB-A2x Thunderbolt 4, 2x USB-A4x Thunderbolt 4, 2x USB-A

The Processor
Both more affordable variants come equipped with the M2 with a 10-core GPU from the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13". The M2 Pro version is available in its basic configuration with a 10-core CPU (consisting of 6 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores). Optionally, customers can configure their M2 Pro-equipped Mac mini order to possess 2 additional performance cores – bringing the total to 12 cores. The M2's memory bandwidth is around 100GB/s, with the M2 Pro's bandwidth doubled at around 200GB/s.

M2 Pro – Finally, 3 Displays
One deficit of the M1 and M2 Apple Silicon chips is that they can only support 2 displays at once. However, the Mac mini with M2 Pro now supports up to 3 displays – two 6K monitors and one 4K can be operated simultaneously by the newest model. The Mac mini with the standard M2 supports one external 6K monitor and an additional 5K.

A Diversity Of Options
The new Mac mini comes with a multitude of options: For an additional US$300 or €345, the device can come with a 12-core CPU and 19-core GPU M2 Pro. A maximum of 24 GB of RAM can be added to the standard M2 for an extra US$400 or €460 – with the M2 Pro allowing configurations of up to 32 GB of RAM for US$400 or €460. The M2 version allows for a 2 TB SSD costing another US$600 or €690, whilst the M2 Pro version supports 8 TB SSD configurations for an added US$2,400 or €2,760.

Here is a list of all available options:

Mac mini M2 BasicMac mini M2Mac mini M2 Pro
Base PriceUS$599 or €699US$799 or €929US$1,299 or €1.549
8 GB RAMStandardStandard
16 GB RAMUS$200 or €230US$200 or €230Standard
24 GB RAMUS$400 or €460US$400 or €460
32 GB RAMUS$400 €460
256 GB SSDStandard
512 GB SSDUS$200 or €230StandardStandard
1 TB SSDUS$400 or €460US$200 or €230US$200 or €230
2 TB SSDUS$800 or €920US$600 or €690US$600 or €690
4 TB SSDUS$1,200 or €1.380
8 TB SSDUS$2,400 or €2.760
12-Core M2 ProUS$300 or €345
10 Gigabyte EthernetUS$100 or €115US$100 or €115US$100 or €115

WiFi 6E & Bluetooth 5.3
Unlike the MacBook air M2 and MacBook Pro 13" M2, the Mac mini M2 supports the new WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 standards. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13" are stated by Apple to only support WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0.

Announcement Video
Apple even produced an announcement video for the Mac mini – in the stame style as previous Apple events.

The video is available on the Mac mini's site.

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