Friday, Jan 20, 2023, 09:57 Mac: Hardware

New Report – New MacBook Air M3 This Fall

There were about 19 months between the first and second generation of M-chips. The debut took place with the Mac mini M1, the MacBook Air M1, and the MacBook Pro 13" M1, then in June 2022, Apple presented the first M2-based devices – the MacBook Air M2 and the MacBook Pro 13" M2. According to multiple, current reports, however, there should be far less of a wait on the first M3 devices. As per information from suppliers and sources close to the industry – Apple's normal release cycle should be met this year. In addition to reports concerning the Pro and Max variants of the M3, more information about the regular M3 has also come to light. Yet again, the MacBook Air should serve as Cupertino's platform to introduce the first M3-device to the market.

MacBook Air M3 In Fall 2023 – MacBook Air 15" In Discussion
Apple's most compact notebook should appear in the "second half" of 2023 with shiny, new M3 chips manufactured via 3-nm production process. Thus, 2 appointments are conceivable given Apple's usual product cycle – firstly, a debut at 2023's WWDC alongside a market launch in June, or a September/October announcement and start of sales. Bloomberg had already recently mentioned that Apple wanted to launch a 15" edition alongside the more familiar 13.6" model. The former could be ready as early as this spring – although it certainly wouldn't carry an M3 in this case.



Should Apple, however, set its sights upon a fall 2023 announcement – there would be a uniform release for all editions, meaning that all iterations of 2023's MacBook Air models would come with the M3. Currently, there's no other information circulating concerning the MacBook Air 13.6". Since the last general overhaul took place in summer 2022, a new chip would likely only possess minor adaptations.

Long Term – Yearly Cycle To Be Expected For M-Chips
For more than 10 years, Apple has taken care to maintain a strict yearly cycle for the iPhone – ensuring that a new chip generation arrives each year. Although the new hardware doesn't always come with significant alterations, it allows Apple to provide an updated variant each year. Since M-chips and A-chips are closely related due to their architecture, for Apple's roadmap this could very well mean a new M-chip generation each year. These yearly released, new M-chip carrying devices would then be followed by even more performance capable variants possessing more CPU and GPU cores months later.

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